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Stressed? Avoid these foods for your mental and oral health.

Sometimes life gets tough and it’s easy to slip away from the foods that our good for our teeth and overall health. Stress is one of the most common aspects of life and if you’re like me, I like to indulge in the worst foods possible in order to cope. This only leaves me feeling drained and unhealthy as opposed to eating things that benefit my overall being. If you’re stressed here are some foods that should be avoided to maintain your oral and mental health!

Potato chips

We have always heard that chips, in general, are bad for both your health and teeth. Potato chips, especially, are high in sodium and fats with little to no nutritional value. Starch is also present in these chips, which can easily get stuck in your teeth. If you do choose this make sure to brush and floss diligently!


Yes, we all love to wake up to a nice, warm of coffee each morning especially if we lost a couple hours of Z’s. On the other hand, although coffee stimulates your brain’s dopamine activity, it is proven to heighten neuro-stimulators, which also heightens stress and anxiety. As for your teeth, dark colored liquids stain your teeth since those pearly whites are not completely flat and smooth. It’ll save you less money you would normally spend on teeth whitening regimens!


During a stressful time try to pass off the morning bagel and toast routine. Foods such as bread contains complex carbohydrates and is processed in the same way as sugar; acids and table sugar are extremely damaging to teeth and feed bacteria in your mouth. Try to opt for something high in fiber and good fats to keep you feeling your best all day!

Energy Drinks

College students, especially, are the biggest culprits of this substance because many of us work long hours while keeping up a steady, yet hectic school schedule. Energy drinks are packed with carbonation, which can strip away calcium from bones and can disrupt sleep patterns. Losing the extra hours of sleep causes more stress and fatigue especially with an action-packed schedule. As for your teeth energy drinks can definitely erode and thin out the enamel of your teeth. Once your enamel is gone, it’s gone forever.

The key to getting through our stressful moments is to try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I know it's easier said than done, but it would make you feel better, whole, and will eventually help lower your stress levels in the long run! Stay healthy, and keep smiling!

*Disclaimer: We do not own any of these images and in no way are sponsored or endorsed by the publisher of these photos*

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