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Start of Your Holiday Smile

The holiday seasons are just around the corner and with that comes all the smiles and pictures! With the busy year, my entire family only has a few times to spend quality time together like Thanksgiving and Christmas. In those few times we have to take the most pictures to catch up on the entire year that we missed and nothing looks better than a whiter, brighter smile. Greater Las Vegas Dental has everything you need to feel and look your happiest; they also make great gifts!

Teeth whitening is one of the easiest enhancements you can give your teeth for an amazing smile. Although it may not seem like it would matter, whiter teeth does make the hugest difference. There are many treatments that could help you achieve it, but the treatment that will last the longest, saving you money, will be the treatments done at a dental office. Bleaching your teeth at a dental office is more safe and it gives you optimum results because you are able to get this treatment by a trained professional instead of using pricey at-home kits. No need to buys Crest Whitening strips over and over again, Greater Las Vegas Dental offers this service at amazing prices!

If you don’t want to pay a trip to the dentist, Opalescence is the next best thing because it is a professional whitening system that you can use in the comfort of your home. It also makes as a perfect gift because it is has options to fit any lifestyle: take home, ready to go, in-office, and aftercare. Not only does Opalescence whiten your teeth it also helps improve the overall health of the teeth by reducing cavities and strengthening your enamel; who wouldn’t want to save a few trips to the dentist? Opalescence can only be distributed by a dentist and Greater Las Vegas Dental is offering it to you for $50 off the original price.

If you’re looking to find the perfect gift any of these treatments will be worth the purchase because of it’s longevity and who wouldn’t want to be camera ready for the holiday photos?! They are also affordable making it the perfect gift to buy for that special someone, or even for yourself after a stressful year!

Greater Las Vegas Dental does not own any of the images shown in this article.

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