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From a young age, almost everyone desires beautiful teeth. Whether you got braces at a young age, or couldn’t afford such a bank breaking treatment, it seemed like everyone had some sort of opinion on braces throughout grade school. The kids that had them hated them, until they came off to reveal a beautiful smile. The kids that couldn’t get them wanted that fabulous after effect. As we age, the fading and yellowing of teeth becomes inevitable due to age and external triggers such as coffee or cigarettes.

There are so many options on the market for whitening teeth. The point I am trying to get across is that everyone cares about their teeth, and there is a huge demand to enhance them.

Not everyone is lucky to have such fixable and simple issues such as straightening or whitening. Many people struggle with genetic issues, or lack of maintenance, that result in the last and only option, pulling your teeth. I know what you’re thinking, walking around with bare gums like Tommy Pickles is a hard no. When a patient suffers from gum disease or decay, there can be little options. Luckily, we have this wonderful thing called dentures. Before you tune out on me, dentures are not just the gross thing you find in a cup on your granny’s night stand. Dentures can be critical improvement, aesthetically and medically.

Medically, the benefits of dentures are astounding. Pain can be a major influence in the decision to pull teeth. Decay and disease are incredible painful and can lead to numerous other complications. Eliminating this issue by removing the effected teach results in dramatic reduction of pain. When there is no other solution but to pull your teeth, dentures can play a huge roll in preserving what you have left. Your diet will dramatically change when you need to pull your teeth. Chewy or hard foods are nearly impossible. Your health can take a serious toll when you are unable to eat and sustain a healthy diet due to inability to eat normally. Dentures provide a means to chew carefully and maintain the diet needed to be happy and healthy.

Dentures can be a huge improvement to the physical appearance. Of course, your teeth will look drastically different without decay taking control. They will be substantially whiter. The dentures are formed to your face to make sure they look and feel like they belong in your mouth. Minor problems such as over or under bites will not be an issue. Speech is also highly affected by the physical makeup of your mouth. Dentures can make speech problems a thing of the past. Chewing is also substantially easier once you have stronger, durable teeth to cut through food. Dentures will fill out your face and make you proud to smile your biggest smile. Most people, especially those that require dentures at a young age, struggle with the fear that they will be judged, or that others will notice their false teeth. Dental advances give us the incredible modern dentures that will look natural. You’ll be the only one that needs to know.

If you think dentures are the next step towards a healthy and happy smile, call Greater Las Vegas Dental at (702) 880-5858 or email to start your journey.

Greater Las Vegas Dental does not own any of the images shown in this article.

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