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Happy Clients

Thank you for the beautiful work you have done on both of my daughters’ teeth. Rhema’s smile is lovely and she is pleased with the result. Grace is no longer afraid of the dentist because of her positive experience with you. I appreciate all you have done. 

Maria Gundacker

Las Vegas, Nevada

Subject: Quality of provided services.


I would like to thank you for the excellent treatment my wife and I have received from you, Dr. Chen, and your staff. All of you have done your best to make our visits as pleasant as possible.


The following is a summary of the benefits that you provide and that we look for in a dental facility:


  1. Flexible appointments and follow up when patient and doctor commitments change.

  2. A very clean, organized, and comfortable office setting.

  3. A thorough examination, using the latest computerized technology to document the condition of each tooth.

  4. An assessment of the bone and gum conditions and the requirements to clean periodically.

  5. A detailed explanation of the price-performance options determined after a diagnosis.

  6. Extraordinary efforts to save teeth that would otherwise be extracted

  7. Excellent crown prep work and stable temporaries that remain in place until the permanent crowns are installed.

  8. Timely processing of billing information to the insurance companies.

  9. Continual follow up and feedback inquiries about previous work performed.

  10. And especially to you, Dr. Chen, that feeling you extend to your patients of “total customer satisfaction.” It is unfortunately very rare these days.


After trying other dentists much closer to our home in Henderson, we gladly returned to your office. Thanks again!

Maria Tucker

Las Vegas, Nevada

Dr. Chen,


I just wanted to take this moment to thank you for the wonderful service you and your staff gives to my family and me. The pride you take in your work shows, as does the professionalism generated throughout your entire office.


We are generally able to make the appointments we need to fit our busy schedules and we hardly ever have to wait past our appointment time. If we did have to wait, it was only for about five minutes, at most.


In fact, we are so pleased with the courtesy, caring, and respect shown us by you and your staff, we have recommended you to several friends and relatives, some of who have already become patients of yours.


Thank you again.

Laura Marscheck

Las Vegas, Nevada

Dr. Chen is a wonderful, caring doctor who takes pride in her work and in making you look your best. The people on her staff go that extra mile to be friendly, courteous, and polite. They work with you by trying to get your appointments to best fit your schedule and in dealing with the insurance companies to get you the lowest possible out of pocket expenses. In the tow years that I have been going to Dr. Chen, the most I’ve had to wait is perhaps 5 minutes. She does not overbook her appointments so you are pretty much assured of being seen on time. I love in the area of 95N and Durango and happily travel to the 215 and Flamingo to see Dr. Chen. I have referred the rest of my family to her and they are just as pleased. I recommend her to anyone wanting a caring, personable, and pleasant dental experience.

Gerald Tucker

Las Vegas, Nevada

Dear Dr. Chen,


I want to thank you for all the efforts and tiresome hours that you devoted to restore my painful and diseased mouth. Cancer and its treatments resulted in the terrible condition as presented to you back in April of 2010.


I believe that time spent in the restoration, which resulted in a beautiful, and painless mouth after so many years of misery was nothing less than a blessing.


In addition I would also thank your Team, which were so helpful and caring during my treatment and beyond. Thank you to Grace, Nene, Vanessa, and Rita for their help and professional acumen when dealing with a patient especially me. 

Marty Goldberg

Las Vegas, Nevada

I am writing this letter to express my happiness and overall gratitude towards you and your staff for the truly amazing dental craftsmanship and treatment I received. The quality and precision of your work is pure artistry. The reconstruction and the various procedures that I desperately needed were done with the utmost care. I had so many different procedures done and my teeth were in bad condition, so I was extremely worried and skeptical that the final results would be out of reach, even for the greatest dentists, but you exceeded all my expectations I might have dreamed of. I am extremely happy and excited that I have a great smile. You made me feel so comfortable and pain-free during all phases of treatment that going to Wal-Mart seems more painful. I no longer have a negative viewpoint on going to the dentists and oral maintenance in general. Your knowledge and passion are by far the best I’ve ever seen. Your skills almost seem magical. You and your staff are helping people achieve quality results with their teeth, on such a human level. And for that, my family and me are grateful. I have been to other dentists and never really felt satisfied with the way they treat their patients/customers. Their materials, procedures, and mentality are way too robotic. There is always a look of uncertainty on people’s faces that are sitting in the waiting room of other dental offices and these are returning patients. But when I look around at the faces of other patients/customers in your waiting room, I see relaxed people who feel good about being at the dentist.


I feel lucky and blessed to have found you and your staff. The quality of your work and the level of your sincerity have miraculously changed my life and smile!


There is no question about it- you are easily the best dentist in the world, and I would go out of my way to make sure I recommend you to anyone who is looking for quality, precision, and integrity in a dentist!!!


Thank you for being a great dentist, and a great person. 


Las Vegas, Nevada

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