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Dr. Chen has performed advanced dental implants for more then 30 years! Please read this wonderful summary!


If you have any questions do not hesitate to call 702-880-5858 to set up an appointment with Dr. Chen to see if you are a candidate for Bridges!

How can Bridges help?

-If your missing one or more teeth you might finding that chewing and other daily oral routines are difficult.  Not only does this factor make living day to day difficult, missing teeth can also affect our confidence.

-Bridges help to restore your smile and provide oral support.  Sometimes bridges are called a fixed partial denture, but are not to get confused with traditional uper and lower dentures you are probally familar with.  Bridges fill the gap between missing teeth with artificial teeth, providing cosmetic enhancement, improved chewing and structural support at times.


What are Bridges Made of?

-Bridges are made from gold, porcelain, and alloys. A mold is taken and a specialized dentist, such as Dr. Chen will construct and refine molds made from your own oral structure.

-Bridges are made to look natural and with advanced skills can be impossible to notice from other teeth!


What type of Bridges are there?

-There are three types of bridges, Partial, Fixed, and Implant bridges.  Partial bridges can be taken out and cleaned. Fixed bridges can only be removed by a dentist.   Artificial bridges are connected directly to the jaw or under the gum line.  Bridges are only as succesful as their foundation and thus oral hygiene is of the utmost importance!


Ask Dr. Chen what type of Bridges are right for you!

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